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Are flushable wipes actually flushable?

What was once relegated to infants and small children is becoming all the craze among adults across the globe. Nothing more than glorified baby wipes, adults around the world are singing the praises of wet wipes.

Many brands label their wet wipes as “flushable”, but how true is this? The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no, unfortunately, and involves the ACCC, a legal battle and even touches on microplastics and their environmental impact.

Can You Flush Flushable Wipes Down the Toilet?

The marketing on the packaging might say “flushable”, indicating to you as a consumer that they’re safe to flush down your toilet. Your water service provider, however, probably has a different opinion.

According to Sydney Water, up to 75% of blockages involve wipes and they spend upwards of $8 million removing 500 tonnes of wet wipes every year. And this number is only growing!

In light of all of this, we’d have to say that flushable wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. We recommend sticking to only flushing the “Three Ps”- pee, poo and (toilet) paper!

What Does Flushable Mean?

The term “flushable” isn’t actually regulated by any third party and so there is no one meaning for the word. In fact, the criteria many companies use to measure flushability is designed by flushable wipe manufacturers themselves.

According to SBS, flushable means it will pass through your plumbing system and into the wastewater systems. While this is good news for your plumbing, it still has great potential to cause blockages in the wider sewer system.

This is why the ACCC and CHOICE are advocating for more regulations around the word “flushable”.

Are Baby Wipes Flushable?

No, baby wipes are not flushable.

Baby wipes are designed just like regular flushable wipes to be durable so they can easily take care of your little one’s messes.

This means they will no break down easily in your toilet and you’ll be risking a blocked toilet and all the messes that come along with that.

How to Dispose of Flushable Wipes

There’s only one way to correctly dispose of flushable wipes – in the bin! The same goes for any kind of wet wipe, in fact.

Properly disposing of your wipes is the best way to prevent wipe-related blockages in your plumbing system and further down the line in the sewerage system.

There’s also the reduced chance of them ending up in our environment where they can do even more damage.

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Are flushable wipes actually flushable?