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Leak Detection Specialists

Leak Detection
Leak Detection plumber
5 Star Reviews
5 Star Reviews

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Leak Detection Specialists

We don't just find leaks - we fix them fast! Your Local Brisbane & Gold Coast Plumbers. If you suspect you have a leak around your home or your water bills have shot up - call National Plumbing. The specialists in finding and repairing water leaks!

We’ll Find And Fix Your Leak Fast!

Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive.

Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every day in water bills.

National Plumbing use the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden water leaks.

We can then fix the issue the same day.

From home leak detection to commercial leak detection, our team of dedicated specialists can assist you.

Leak detection plumber
Leak detection plumber
Water Leak Signs
How We Can Help You

Water Leak Repairs

We can repair and install all internal and external water pipe work. We only use the best quality materials to fix water leaks. All our leak repairs and leak detection methods are above Australian Standards.

National Plumbing have concrete demolition saws and can cut concrete for you.

We can remove concrete with powerful jackhammers, dispose of all concrete waste and re-concrete any and all areas needing this. 

We can cut walls and temporary cover sections to gain access to repair water leaks. If the leak is in a garden bed, we will back fill around all our repairs with the correct bedding sand.

We can supply and install pressure reduction valves onto your water meter to reduce the risk of future water leaks.

Upon completion we will record the water meter reading so that you can easily claim your excess water bill through council and provide you with a written report of the completed works so that you can claim on insurance.

Water pipe leaking
Leak Detection plumber
Leak Detection Plumber
Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland

How does Leak Detection work?


All water leaks in a pipe produce sounds. An electronic leak detection system operates on that principle.

Electronic leak detection equipment amplifies the sound of the moving water, using microphones, digital amplifiers and filters – allowing the leaking pipe to be identified.

Once the leaking pipe is identified – then pressure in the line can be altered to create a specific sound that the technician uses to pinpoint the leak. The sound of pressure escaping from a broken pipe varies depending on the circumstances of the type of pipe, location and amount of water escaping.

National Plumbing leak detection technicians can detect leaks with a variety of non-invasive acoustic leak detection technologies. We can cost-effectively and efficiently detect leaks in difficult pipe types and situations without breaking ground or disrupting service.

Leak detection Brisbane & leak detection Gold Coast experts!

How much does Leak Detection cost?

The cost of leak detection can vary depending on the type of equipment required, the type and location of the water leak.

Finding and fixing leaks as soon as possible can reduce your water bill and prevent the need for costly additional services for any subsequent water damage.

How can I check for water leaks?

If you get a large water bill and think you have a water leak – there’s a couple of steps you can take to see if you have.

You can take the measurement of your water meter and some time later measure it again to see if it has moved.

If there has been a change in your meter reading – then you have a leak!

If you have a water leak that can’t be located by checking fixtures such as the toilet or taps – you may have a breakage in your water pipes. more We recommend that you arrange for us to inspect and repair immediately.

How our leak detection specialists can help you

Detecting a water leak on your own is often impossible because the water pipes are underground and the leak could be almost imperceptible.

Our leak detection specialists have many of experience can help you determine the source and location of your leak right away.

A Leak Detection Specialist

What is the original Leak Detection Specialists motto? Our skilled leak detection specialists are dedicated to providing superior customer service and 5 star leak detection and fix service. The Leak Detection Specialists can use a non-invasive method of locating a burst pipe or water leak in a concealed area.

Leak Detection Brisbane

Leak Detection Brisbane are Brisbane’s authority in leak detection. Don’t wait, if you suspect you have a water leak in your home or business contact Leak Detection Brisbane for a specialist leak detection service. Our leak detection experts specialise in the latest non-invasive leak detection methods using the latest state of the art testing equipment to detect and locate any leak or burst pipes quickly and efficiently.

Leak Detection Gold Coast

Leak Detection Gold Coast is a trusted leader in water leak detection and repairs on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Leak Detection Gold Coast can detect and repair all water leaks within your home’s plumbing system.

Do plumbers do water leak detection?

Plumbers have leak detection equipment that can quickly and accurately find the source of water leaks. Even if the leak is under concrete or behind a wall. Sensitive microphones and listening discs are acoustic listening devices that our plumbers can use to find your pesky water leaks.
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Very Professional!

Leigh and Ben were very professional and worked hard to make the repairs and then complete a thorough clean up. The guys were friendly and informative and we were very pleased with the service provided. Certainly recommend these guys!

Big Shout-out!

Would love to take the time to say a great shout out to National Plumbing for the work that they had performed for me. Our Drains were clogged due to tree roots and the plumbers came out within the hour as the stars aligned. Great Service! Recommend!

Reliable - Highly Recommend

Highly recommended, professional, reliable combined with precise workmanship. Thanks Ben great job, much appreciated.

Fantastic, never disappoint!

National Plumbing was fantastic. We have used them a few times now and they never disappoint. Great Service and will recommend in the future.

Will Recommend to Friends

Great to see a plumbing service know what they are talking about. Found and fixed a water leak under concrete for me and cleaned up perfectly. Will recommend to friends in the future.

We use only the best and latest equipment in Leak Detection technology.