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As Brisbane’s trusted leak detection experts, we can assure you that we know the ins and outs of the job like no other. We know when a simple repair is needed as opposed to extensive re-piping and you can rest assured that we will never try to carry out a service that you do not actually need. We judge your leak quickly and accurately and provide you with a range of possibilities that would work best for you in your own situation.

When it comes to your home or business, why settle for anything other than the best?

Here at National Plumbing, we pride ourselves on the fact that our trusted plumbers can carry out difficult leak detection services for any of your Brisbane home plumbing.

We are known for the results we deliver and our range of leading-edge technology and equipment.

The problem with leaks is that many people don’t realise they have one until it is too late, and the damage is quite extensive.

Leaks that fly under the radar for some time can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands in your water bill alone without thinking of the cost of repairing any structural damage.

If you suspect you have a leak, you can check your suspicions by; turning of all water to your property, finding your water meter (usually at the front of your property), take a look at your meter’s numbers – if they are moving, you have a leak, if the numbers aren’t moving, write down the numbers and check back in 15 minutes to see any changes.

The quicker the numbers move on the meter, the stronger the leak. In saying this, all leaks no matter how big or small are cause for concern as they can damage your home and cost you big time.

The most common causes of a leak are; old plumbing lines (which Brisbane is notorious for), poor installation (may occur in newer homes that had a poor plumber), tree roots and blockages.

Our leak detection methods and tools are the latest and greatest in the trade, allowing us to detect leaks that may be hidden in roofs, ceilings, grout, or below ground.

The non-invasive techniques that we adopt means that unless you have a major leak, your property isn’t damaged, cutting out the need for costly repairs which take time and cost a lot of money.


For all your emergency and general plumbing needs throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can reply on National Plumbing. We have no call out fees and offer a same day service. You can call us on 1300 246 627.